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Anri is a school teacher and her mother is furious about her laziness. The mother revives her punishment and gives her daughter some "on-the-job training".

Teacher Ran is the most beautiful, but also the cruellest teacher in the school. Pretty young students Ai and Konohna will suffer her heartless punishment today. Ran makes sure there are many tears and two burning red bottoms!Ai and Konoha have suffered pain and humiliation from their teacher Ran. However, Ran understands the true nature of cruelty and wants her pretty students to make her suffer in turn. Both Ran's beautiful bottom and face show the pain and pleasure of punishment.

This film has the viewer being scolded by a school teacher and his/her mother. It's similar to "You're Going To Be Punished" as there's no spanking action, but it's quite unique.

Anri has to take a spanking test with her teacher Miki. Being spanked isn't as easy as it looks. However, it's no problem for the clever student who scores well as a good spankee!

Anri isn't just a pretty student. She understands well the relationship between spanker and spankee and overcomes her exam nerves to give her teacher Miki a good spanking. Top marks, Anri!

No lady is ever too old to be spanked. Misako, mother of Erica and Ann, talks about the punishment/spankings doles out to her grown up daughters. She then demonstrates how to punish each of the daughters, one after the other.

A young girl's mother catches her putting on a stolen pair of panties. She is then severely spanked repeatedly each time she changes her panties.

A rich woman unfairly finds fault with her maid and ultimately spanks her even though the maid is dilligent. Afterwards, the maid fixes a special tea for the mistress, who says she has a headache.
After the maid puts the socialite to bed, the socialite dreams about the maid spanking her and taking all her possessions. When the socialite wakes up, she discovers her nightmare has become her new reality.

Chika is soundly spanked by her strict sister Ruri. She then gets a magical notebook in which entries come true. Chika promptly writes a story about her sister being punished in school.
Ruri finds out about the notebook and writes a revenge story: a spanking for her sister. Her plan is going smoothly until she is caught peeping and soundly spanked by the school doctor with her sister.

A housewife is upset with the hard sell from a health-food store employee. She spanks the saleswoman for her bad manner, but receives her own punishment shortly after.

When a student gets a question wrong, the strict teacher punishes her. The student plans her revenge as she is disciplined. The student then gives the teacher a lesson she will always remember.

Erina is a sexual harassment counselor who is surprised by a request from Mikuru. She wants to be harassed with a good spanking! Erina does her duty and helps the pretty girl with a severe spanking.
Mikuru repays sexual harrassment counselor Erina's good advice by spanking the older woman and helping her find true pleasure. By doing so Erina also realizes her true spaking role.

Ai is a new bank clerk who repeats messes up her work. She is trained and given a sound spanking by Erica, her superior, in order to teach her a lesson.

A tribute to classic spankings, experience the elegance and beauty of an old-fashioned spanking. A glamorous mature lady is tied up and receives a firm and sexy spanking from a baby-faced girl over a dinning room table and then on a bed.

Guard Erica is caught smoking during her patrol by bank employee Ai. She has no choice but to accept her punishment from the epmployee: a severe thrashing on her bottom.

Marica, a young mother of a kindergartner, talks with her friend Maki about how to discipline her child. Make teaches her how by giving her a first-hand demonstration.
After receiving s spanking on her rear-end, Marica is required to spank Maki. Being distressed, she learns how to discipline her daughter.

Satomi, who is constantly making errors, is told she'll receive punishment from her mother. She is spanked soundly over her mother's knee.

Without her boyfriend's financial support, Marica has no choice but to continue with the spanking films - but this time she has a real sense of her punishment!

Satomi and Arisa are caught playing in their bikinis when they should have been studying. Their dorm mother decides to give them spankings: first one, then the other, and finally both together.

Ai, a student whose grages have gotten worse, is forced to go to swimming school. She is given a sound spanking by her strict coach while wearing a swimsuit.

Yukari's homestay guest from America experiences a new type of Japanese Halloween tradition - a sound thrashing. The souvenir Blondie will take back to the U.S. is a burning bottom!