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Marina,a company's model is acutely aware of her bottom. She daren't model a bikini - she thinks her bottom is way too big. With a little encouragement and a spanking from her boss,she soon recovers her self-esteem.

A teacher informs two hard working students that their report cards have gone home to their parents.The students are surprised and complain to their teacher,only to be given over-the-knee spankings one after the other.

The two girls are suspended for a volleyball match and receive spankings from their parents. Infuriated,they return to the teacher's classroom to get their revenge!

Kurumi comes home late. There is a rule that she must be spanked whenever she breaks three promises in a single month. Having been caught, she is severely spanked by her mother.

A hamburger shop staff girl carelessly shows a customer the spanking menu she got in town the previous day. Surprisingly enough, the customer orders from the menu - Spanking A La Carte.

Tomomi meets Lisa again. A female customer stops by and looks into the shop window. While she asks the shop staff to have her nails done, she has an irresistible impulse to spank the young girl.

A beautiful but vain customer is enraged when a hairdresser does not style her hair as requested. After she spanks the hairdresser, the hairdresser discovers the haughty woman's secret and gives her a stylish spanking.

Two mature ladies need to spank young girls to get rid of their frustrations. When pretter delivery girl Kurumi arrives they selfishly take the chance to give her an undeserved thrashing on the bottom.
Pretty young Kurumi turns the tables on her victimisers and gives Nobuko and Tamao a sound spanking. Mature bottom admirers will love to see them get what they deserve and justice done in the end!

Maki, a young student, is brought home by the police after getting caught drinking with friends. Instead of telling their mother about it, her sister decides to take it into her own hands.

It seems that Narumi's slim, sexy bottom is not enough for her husband who prefers a plumper behind. Fortunately, beautician Marina has just the technique for increasing bottom size: a severe spanking! Narumi is very satisfied with the treatment!
Everyone admires pretty Marina's plump, young bottom, but she herself wants to slim down. Beauty shop customer Narumi is very willing to help by giving her a sound spanking. Will it make Marina's bottom smaller? We don't know, but we can enjoy watching this unusual technique!

Lisa, a lawyer, is upset with the lukewarm coffee her secretary has made. The secretary is forced over the desk where a proper punishment is administered. A very sensual spanking!

Lisa is a secretary in this episode. She spanks herself or gets spanked by her male boss whenever she makes mistakes. When she is spanked from behind she finds out the spanker is not her boss, but her boss' wife.

Kurumi, a young student, comes home late to find her mother sitting by the door. She is severely grilled about coming home so late and wearing her tiny polka-dotted panties.Kiriko, her mother, has no choice but to drag Kurumi over her knee and administer a sound spanking.

Chihiro doesn't believe in things like ghosts, but it's Halloween and she's shocked to be given by a scary witch who comes in on Holloween night. Ruka pretended to be a witch to spank her friend Chihiro's bottom. However Chihiro discovers her plan and turns the table on her. From now on it will be a daily thrashing for that naughty girl!

Chihiro receives a package of DVDs addressed to Ruka, her older sister. Chihiro gives her sister the package, but later on stumbles upon Ruka watching the spanking DVDs that were contained if it. While watching these films, the two sisters start feeling hot and find themselves in the mood for spanking...

Momoko is forceably spanked by a mature woman, the wife of a man with whom she was involved. Furthermore, Momoko is pressured into becomin a member of a spanking club the woman has joined.

Kurumi's Christmas seems pretty glum: her horrible boss Kiriko plans to give her young bottom a good spanking. However, she starts to love Christmas when she quits her job and gives Kiriko's mature bum a good thrashing instead!

Mother contacts a babysitter to lend her a helping hand in disciplining her naughty daughter. The babysitter guides the mother with a demonstration and punishes the daughter when she returns.

Yuzuna visits the company doctor to get advice about her lack of energy. The treatment is unusual: a sound spanking which makes her pretty bottom sting! But who is the doctor really?
It seems that the doctor isn't really a doctor, but just Risa, an office collegue. Yuzuna gets her revenge the 'doctor' a taste of her own medicine - and soon reddens her lovely round bottom!

Chihiro was caught playing Yakyuken with Ruka by her mother. They were both severely scolded and then soundly spanked.
Memories of summer past.